• Studio Associato Campagnoli e Scrignoli

Studio Associato Campagnoli e Scrignoli

30 Via Montebello, Broni 27043, Lombardia, Italy

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Dentista Broni in Provincia di Pavia

Lo Studio Associato del dott. Campagnoli e della dott.ssa Scrignoli è un centro odontoiatrico multidisciplinare moderno ed elegante - volto a soddisfare le richieste dei pazienti a 360 gradi mantenendo i più elevati standard qualitativi.
Siamo operativi dal 1989 a Broni (PV), abbiamo acquisito un alto livello competenza, grazie ad un lavoro ben coordinato dei professionisti altamente qualificati.

Tutti i collaboratori del nostro studio seguono la filosofia di continuo aggiornamento professionale, già nel 2017 abbiamo frequentato più di 100 corsi di aggiornamento annuale e di specializzazione.

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Since 9 April 1956 Paris exclusively reciprocally twinned only with Université Jean Moulin (Lyon 3) Major religious communities Marseille include. Lascaux cave paintings horse from Dordogne facing right brown white background, The Élysée Palace residence of French President, France has been centre of Western cultural development centuries Many French artists have been among most renowned of their time France still recognised world its rich cultural traditionThe successive political regimes have always promoted artistic creation creation of Ministry of Culture 1959 helped preserve cultural heritage of country make available public Ministry of Culture has been very active since its creation granting subsidies artists promoting French culture world supporting festivals cultural events protecting historical monuments French government also succeeded maintaining cultural exception defend audiovisual products made countryFrance receives highest number of tourists per year largely thanks numerous cultural establishments historical buildings implanted all over territory counts 1,200 museums welcoming more than 50 million people annuallymost important cultural sites run government instance through public agency Centre des monuments nationaux which responsible approximately 85 national historical monumentsThe 43,180 buildings protected historical monuments include mainly residences (many castles) religious buildings (cathedrals basilicas churches) but also statutes memorials gardens UNESCO inscribed 41 sites France World Heritage ListArt. French census data does not contain information about religious affiliation According 2011 survey IFOP French public opinion research organisation 61 percent of residents of Paris Region (Île-de-France) identified themselves Roman Catholic though just 15 percent said they were practising Catholics while 46 percent were non-practicing same survey 7 percent of residents identified themselves Muslims 4 percent Protestants 2 percent Jewish 25 percent without religionAccording INSEE French government statistical office between 4 5 million French residents were born or had least one parent born predominantly Muslim country particularly Algeria Morocco Tunisia IFOP survey 2008 reported that of immigrants from these predominantly Muslim countries 25 percent went mosque regularly 41 percent practised religion 34 percent were believers but did not practice religion2012 2013 was estimated that there were almost 500,000 Muslims City of Paris 1.5 million Muslims Île-de-France region 4 5 million Muslims FranceThe Jewish population of Paris Region was estimated 2014 be 282,000 largest concentration of Jews world outside of Israel United StatesEconomy, Main article Lugdunum Armenian Apostolic (80,000) Ambox current red.svg Main article Cinema of France. A Palme d'Or from Cannes Film Festival one of Big Three film festivals alongside Venice Film Festival Berlin International Film FestivalFrance has historical strong links with cinema with two Frenchmen Auguste Louis Lumière (known Lumière Brothers) having created cinema 1895 Several important cinematic movements including late 1950s 1960s Nouvelle Vague began country noted having strong film industry due part protections afforded French government France remains leader filmmaking of 2015 producing more films than any other European countrynation also hosts Cannes Festival one of most important famous film festivals worldApart from its strong innovative film tradition France has also been gathering spot artists from across Europe world this reason French cinema sometimes intertwined with cinema of foreign nations Directors from nations such Poland (Roman Polanski Krzysztof Kieślowski Andrzej Żuławski) Argentina (Gaspar Noé Edgardo Cozarinsky) Russia (Alexandre Alexeieff Anatole Litvak) Austria (Michael Haneke) Georgia (Géla Babluani Otar Iosseliani) prominent ranks of French cinema Conversely French directors have had prolific influential careers other countries such Luc Besson Jacques Tourneur or Francis Veber United StatesAlthough French film market dominated Hollywood France only nation world where American films make up smallest share of total film revenues 50% compared with 77% Germany 69% Japan French films account 35% of total film revenues of France which highest percentage of national film revenues developed world outside United States compared 14% Spain 8% UK France 2013 2nd exporter of films world after United StatesUntil recently France had centuries been cultural center of world, although its dominant position has been surpassed United States Subsequently France takes steps protecting promoting its culture becoming leading advocate of cultural exceptionnation succeeded convincing all EU members refuse include culture audiovisuals list of liberalised sectors of WTO 1993 Moreover this decision was confirmed voting UNESCO 2005 principle of cultural exception won overwhelming victory 198 countries voted it only 2 countries U.S Israel voted against itFashion, The Élysée Palace residence of French President, Panorama of Paris seen from Eiffel Tower full 360-degree view (river flowing from north-east south-west right left)! France's highest courts located Paris Court of Cassation highest court judicial order which reviews criminal civil cases located Palais de Justice Île de la Cité, while Conseil d'État which provides legal advice executive acts highest court administrative order judging litigation against public bodies located Palais-Royal 1st arrondissementConstitutional Council advisory body with ultimate authority constitutionality of laws government decrees also meets Montpensier wing of Palais RoyalParis its region host headquarters of several international organisations including UNESCO Organisation Economic Co-operation Development International Chamber of Commerce Paris Club European Space Agency International Energy Agency Organisation internationale de la Francophonie European Union Institute Security Studies International Bureau of Weights Measures International Exhibition Bureau International Federation Human RightsFollowing motto Only Paris worthy of Rome only Rome worthy of Paris only sister city of Paris Rome although Paris has partnership agreements with many other cities around worldPolice force, Lumière University In recent years city has also experienced large growth service sector employment switch from light manufacturing cultural high-tech economy.[citation needed] Marseille region home thousands of companies 90% of which small medium enterprises with less than 500 employees.[full citation needed] Among most famous ones CMA CGM container-shipping giant Compagnie maritime d'expertises (Comex) world leader sub-sea engineering hydraulic systems Airbus Helicopters Airbus division Azur Promotel active real estate development company La Provence local daily newspaper RTM Marseille's public transport company Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée (SNCM) major operator passenger vehicle freight transportation Western Mediterranean urban operation Euroméditerranée has developed large offer of offices thus Marseille hosts one of main business district FranceMarseille home of three main technopoles Château-Gombert (technological innovations) Luminy (biotechnology) La Belle de Mai (17,000 sq.m of offices dedicated multimedia activities)Tourism attractions. Marseille served European Capital of Culture 2013 along with Košice Marseille-Provence 2013 (MP2013) featured more than 900 cultural events held throughout Marseille surrounding communities These cultural events generated more than 11 million visitsEuropean Capital of Culture was also occasion unveil more than 600 million euros new cultural infrastructure Marseille its environs including iconic MuCEM designed Rudy RicciottiTarot de Marseille, Main article Art Paris The Stade Vélodrome home of Olympique de Marseille International regional transport.

The earliest French literature dates from Middle Ages when what now known modern France did not have single uniform language There were several languages dialects writers used their own spelling grammar Some authors of French mediaeval texts unknown such Tristan Iseult Lancelot-Grail Other authors known example Chrétien de Troyes Duke William IX of Aquitaine who wrote OccitanMuch medieval French poetry literature were inspired legends of Matter of France such Song of Roland various chansons de geste Roman de Renart written 1175 Perrout de Saint Cloude tells story of mediaeval character Reynard ('the Fox') another example of early French writing important 16th-century writer was François Rabelais whose novel Gargantua Pantagruel has remained famous appreciated until now Michel de Montaigne was other major figure of French literature during that century His most famous work Essais created literary genre of essay French poetry during that century was embodied Pierre de Ronsard Joachim du Bellay Both writers founded La Pléiade literary movementDuring 17th century Madame de La Fayette published anonymously La Princesse de Clèves novel that considered be one of very first psychological novels of all times Jean de La Fontaine one of most famous fabulists of that time he wrote hundreds of fables some being far more famous than others such Ant Grasshopper Generations of French pupils had learn his fables that were seen helping teaching wisdom common sense young people Some of his verses have entered popular language become proverbs such À l'œuvre connaît l'artisan.[A workman known his chips]see description, map of population France There some international private schools Lyon area including Jean Moulin University. The Paris Métro busiest subway network European UnionSince inauguration of its first line 1900 Paris's Métro (subway) network has grown become city's most widely used local transport system today carries about 5.23 million passengers daily through 16 lines 303 stations (385 stops) 220 km (136.7 mi) of rails Superimposed this 'regional express network' RER whose five lines (A B C D E) 257 stops 587 km (365 mi) of rails connect Paris more distant parts of urban areaOver €26.5 billion will be invested over next 15 years extend Métro network into suburbs, with notably Grand Paris Express projectIn addition Paris region served light rail network of nine lines tramway Line T1 runs from Asnières-Gennevilliers Noisy-le-Sec Line T2 runs from Pont de Bezons Porte de Versailles Line T3a runs from Pont du Garigliano Porte de Vincennes Line T3b runs from Porte de Vincennes Porte de la Chapelle Line T5 runs from Saint-Denis Garges-Sarcelles Line T6 runs from Châtillon Viroflay Line T7 runs from Villejuif Athis-Mons Line T8 runs from Saint-Denis Épinay-sur-Seine Villetaneuse all of which operated RATP Group, line T4 runs from Bondy RER Aulnay-sous-Bois which operated state rail carrier SNCF Five new light rail lines currently various stages of developmentAir, The Storming of Bastille 14 July 1789 was most emblematic event of French RevolutionFacing financial troubles King Louis XVI summoned Estates-General (gathering three Estates of realm) May 1789 propose solutions his government came impasse representatives of Third Estate formed into National Assembly signalling outbreak of French Revolution Fearing that king would suppress newly created National Assembly insurgents stormed Bastille 14 July 1789 date which would become France's National DayIn early August 1789 National Constituent Assembly abolished privileges of nobility such personal serfdom exclusive hunting rights Through Declaration of Rights of Man of Citizen (27 August 1789) France established fundamental rights men Declaration affirms the natural imprescriptible rights of man liberty property security resistance oppression Freedom of speech press were declared arbitrary arrests outlawed called destruction of aristocratic privileges proclaimed freedom equal rights all men well access public office based talent rather than birthIn November 1789 Assembly decided nationalize sell all property of Roman Catholic Church which had been largest landowner country July 1790 Civil Constitution of Clergy reorganised French Catholic Church cancelling authority of Church levy taxes et cetera This fueled much discontent parts of France which would contribute civil war breaking out some years later While King Louis XVI still enjoyed popularity among population his disastrous flight Varennes (June 1791) seemed justify rumours he had tied his hopes of political salvation prospects of foreign invasion His credibility was so deeply undermined that abolition of monarchy establishment of republic became increasing possibilityIn August 1791 Emperor of Austria King of Prussia Declaration of Pillnitz threatened revolutionary France intervene force of arms restore French absolute monarchy September 1791 National Constituent Assembly forced King Louis XVI accept French Constitution of 1791 thus turning French absolute monarchy into constitutional monarchy newly established Legislative Assembly (October 1791) enmity developed deepened between group later called 'Girondins' who favored war with Austria Prussia group later called 'Montagnards' or 'Jacobins' who opposed such war majority Assembly 1792 however saw war with Austria Prussia chance boost popularity of revolutionary government thought that France would win war against those gathered monarchies 20 April 1792 therefore they declared war Austria.[XIV]. Cathedral of St John Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon contemporary art museum. Église Saint-Nizier Gothic church from 15th century having doorway carved 16th century Philibert Delorme, ESDES Business School According historian Dio Cassius 43 BC Roman Senate ordered creation of settlement Roman refugees of war with Allobroges These refugees had been expelled from Vienne were now encamped confluence of Saône Rhône rivers foundation was built Fourvière hill officially called Colonia Copia Felix Munatia name invoking prosperity blessing of gods city became increasingly referred Lugdunum (and occasionally Lugudunum)earliest translation of this Gaulish place-name Desired Mountain offered 9th-century Endlicher Glossarycontrast some modern scholars have proposed Gaulish hill-fort named Lug[o]dunon after Celtic god Lugus ('Light' cognate with Old Irish Lugh Modern Irish Lú) dúnon (hill-fort)The Roman-era Theatre Fourvière Hill, The Government of France has run budget deficit each year since early 1970s of 2016 French government debt levels reached 2.2 trillion euros equivalent of 96.4% of French GDPlate 2012 credit rating agencies warned that growing French Government debt levels risked France's AAA credit rating raising possibility of future downgrade subsequent higher borrowing costs French authoritiesEconomy. The Élysée Palace residence of French President, See also List of twin towns sister cities of Paris, Immigration Institution des Chartreux Nouvelle- Châteaux.

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