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A Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Wholl Fight for You I understand that any criminal charge whether it is Drunk Driving Drugs Disorderly Conduct Shoplifting or Theft Assault or even Driving after Suspension is a very serious matter A conviction could result in huge fines and maybe even jail time In addition to that theres also the all too real possibility that it will impact your job your family your reputation and your future Knowing all of that ask yourself this Dont you want an attorney on your side fighting for you in court If you have been arrested and charged with a crime often the first best step you can take is to discuss your case with an aggressive and determined Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney someone who will listen to your concerns thoroughly explain all of your legal options and defend you against those serious allegations I can offer you hardnosed affordable intelligent and experienced representation all at a price that wont break the bank
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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