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Kay Griffin Enkema And Colbert PLLC

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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Kay Griffin Enkema PLLC was formed in February 2003 on the commitment to provide superior legal services at reasonable rates In keeping with that commitment and a mutual desire to fully service its clients on November 1 2010 Kay Griffin Enkema PLLC merged with Colbert Wilbert PLLC to form Kay Griffin Enkema Colbert PLLC We understand the difficulties that both businesses and individuals face in a tough and competitive marketplace We strive to provide immediate and precise legal answers to difficult and complex issues that our clients face on a daily basis Our clients demand access wisdom and outstanding results and the firm is dedicated to that cause The firm is well known in the state of Tennessee for its abilities reputation integrity and experience We have many areas of practice but we are best known for our litigation practice in the Southeast United States
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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