Smith Burns

Seattle, Washington, United States

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Smith Burns apartments for rent in Seattle is a wellcrafted community in the heart of Washington Conveniently located at 45th and Interlake Ave N you will experience real ease of living at Smith Burns A quality grocer dozens of cafes and unique boutique retails are all within a couple of blocks centrally located between Wallingford Fremont and Green Lake Support mom and pop shops as well as local businesses and become a vital piece of the community Inside Smith Burns Bauhaus inspired interiors paired with locally found objects salvaged materials and custom art to create a warm environment that truly speaks to the eclectic and friendly nature of Wallingford As a LEED Certified Community Smith Burns is dedicated to sustainable green living Our petfriendly apartments in Seattle WA you can enjoy access to the fitness center library lounge rooftop deck coffee bar and creative entertainment spaces Many individual and personal touches make Smith Burns unique like you Live at Smith Burns and love your home Call today to inquire for more information
Seattle, Washington, United States

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